Social TV: Not more viewers, but more engaged ones, please!

In a recent discussion I heard one expert say, that Social TV is huge because it will create better advertising possibilities and it will make the audience watch more TV. So, is that all? Is it just the golden egg that advertisers have been waiting for and hopefully people watching more and more of it? I am sorry, butĀ if this is it what Social TV is all about, I am not impressed.

I believe that social TV can do more than delivering new ad experience or more couch potatoes. I see social TV as a tool to engage again with the audience on a deeper and wider level. For instance, news organisations can get much more involved with the audience and are in a more personal position to cover events live as they develop. They have more sources of content and can better observe trending topics. Same goes for any live show actually.

Furthermore, Social TV opens new creative doors for content creation at large. Again, audience involvement is key. I am sure we will see many more interesting new TV formats that base their plot on social TV interaction. I am keen to seek some of them out and read and learn more about them.

Finally, for me, Social TV is for one thing back to the roots: like in the ‘good ol’ times’ when the whole family gathered in front of the TV to watch that show and talked about it. And, secondly, it is also a major leap forward to bridge the gap between lean-forward and lean-backward TV consumption. It allows to be engaged and active while watching it. That I find a most interesting and promising element.

It will stay a very attractive subject and keep on visiting my blog to see how I explore social TV more and more in the weeks to come. And maybe some of you have good hints for me where to look for excellent examples of Social TV content and involvement. Happy to receive any suggestions and ideas.

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