Shanmao & Jimi: one of the most popular Chinese Animated Children Series

We have partnered exclusively with Arrius GmbH/ Germany who holds the international broadcast and license rights to this TV series from China.The animated TV series Shanmao & Jimi has a total of 540 episodes already. Each episode is at around 12 minutes length and so the total available library is more than 100 hours. We are constantly adding new seasons as they come available.

The series has won many domestic and international awards and is amongst the most popular children series in China. It broadcast on around 100 TV stations in China and outside of China so far in Vietnam and Philippines. We have only started to promote the series to the international market now and response has been very positive right away.

Shanmao and Jimi are best friends, who experience a new adventure in each episode. They teach children to be kind and social to each other. Even in the most enduring situation, the two charming characters become heros, because their benevolence does conquer any hatred or envy.

The make of the series targets primarily very young children but we discovered that kids of all ages like it and even many adults watch the series with great pleasure.

Do contact us, if you want to learn more about the series and how you can be a franchise or license partner.

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