Use our experience, know-how and resources to support your TV business.

Services & Solutions for your TV & Media Business

Wether you need support around a small aggregation project or a large Television Channel launch, we can help you with almost any aspect around television development assignments.

We know how TV works. Trust our experience: we have done, we have been there.

Especially when you launch a new business, you require any resource and help you can get. Even better when this resource has experience in your field and can help you hit the ground running.

Hence, we have some service solutions specific for the TV business: be it for a TV channel, TV platform or a company that plans to enter the TV business.

Quick Consultation Support

You have a pressing issue and do not need to engage in a full-scale service or consulting project? Contact us for our Quick Consultation Support

TV Business Development

You need help with launching a new TV channel? Or you are considering adding a TV Platform  (e.g. OTT, IPTV, VOD service) to your business.

Let us help you to develop the business case and model. We help you to prepare the business plan including all operational, technical and financial aspects. We work with you on the concept for your channel or your platform.

With our insight and experience – including benchmarking with similar projects – we can help you prepare your business plan quickly. And we will also alert you, if your case is not feasible or need adaption.

TV Channel & Content Distribution

You have a TV channel or content catalogue that you want to expose to a larger market? You need a team that manages your daily distribution activities? We can provide such services. We select the content partners very carefully for which we provide such services in order to deliver a bespoke solution and dedicate resources and focus on distribution activities. In that regard we can act as your distribution department and bring scale of effort to your activities by covering a region or entire global markets.

Content & Channel Aggregation / Acquisition / Curation

Let us help you to shed some light into the overwhelming selection of TV content.  When you launch a TV service for your platform, you have the daunting task of developing the right strategy, select and package the proper content, manage the ongoing relationship and delivery of the products.

You are not alone: we are experts in helping platforms to set up their TV product, to aggregate the content and to support the delivery and daily management of all content products. We can work on a selected aspect of your content packages or act as your outsourced content department – including the management of the day-to-day content operations.

Sales & Distribution Acceleration Programs

We have distinguished predefined service programmes.

Especially designed for your Sales & Distribution needs. Find them at the link to the right.

Find them at the link to the right.

Recruiting, Coaching & Mentoring

Either you need human resource for your new TV business, need extra staff for your existing one or require temporary support. We can help you and provide you manpower or help to recruit the proper people.

In addition, we have coaching and mentoring programs for start-ups, new businesses but also experienced managers. A coach will help you to excel in your role and ensure your business’ success.

INTERESTED IN how we can support you ?

Do you require any of the above services or a tailor-made solution? Contact us to speak about your business needs and we are ready to support you.