[title title=”Sales & Distribution Acceleration Programs” sub_title_text=”Delivering Value Together”]

Sales and Distribution work has become more demanding and challenging. The abundance of content, technology and services from which potential clients can buy from has made it more difficult to go-to-market efficiently. Competition and globalisation act as another hurdle to effectively create results and winning over clients.

Hence, we have created our very own Sales & Distribution Acceleration Programmes.

This programme is designed for anyone who has content, technology or services for the broadcast television industry at large. We can help a single producer of a content format as well as a TV channel or a technology provider.

Benefit from the sales & distribution experience, know-how and network that Global Media Consult has built over decades in the industry. Do not waste time on learning it the hard way. Use our expertise to get you on the fast track to creating value.

[title title=”Why you should use such a program?”]

People engaged in our industry are great in creating things but often not so great in selling it. You might produce the best show or run the most attractive TV channel, and yet you just don’t get a knack for selling it.

Or you might be an engineer who knows his product in and out; can explain every little technical aspect of it. But you never had sales training or lack any idea of how to put up a proper sales pipeline and market approach.

Inevitably, you will end up with endless periods of trial and error in your sales activities. This is a hard way of learning. So why not involve a mentor who makes selling easier for you and transfers the skills and knowledge to you. Every great performer in sports, arts or business has his mentor or coach. You should also take advantage of the wisdom and knowledge of others, who have been already down that path and can share their insight on how to overcome obstacles.

Involve us and become better in your sales and distribution activities more efficient, effective and fun – and create value!

[title title=”How our Programs work?”]

We created our Sales & Distribution Acceleration Programs in three different levels. They each help you in your sales or distribution effort – but with various degree of our active involvement.

The basic Mentor program allows you to access our wisdom and support; the Guidance Program is a more structured approach and gives us a more active involvement in your sales or distribution efforts. The Connector Programme is the most valuable of the programmes and we get deeply involved in your sales and distribution work in that we take the lead in a certain market to personally connect you with the target clients and negotiate deals on your behalf.

Wherever you are currently in your development, our different program levels are designed to propel you and your organisation to the next level of success.

The programmes will also enable you to focus on a certain market, where you might lack your own resource to deal with.

[pricing_tables style=”style3″ title=”Option 1: Sales & Distribution MENTOR” currency=”€” price=”1499,-” button_link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalmediaconsult.com%2Forder-page%2F|||”]

  • The basic mentor program allows you access to the wisdom, expertise and know-how that our team has accumulated in many decades of working in the media industry.
  • One key focus of our work has always been in sales and distribution. We have a wealth of knowledge in that segment and can help you to launch, reset or restart your sales effort.
  • In specific we are available to you in this program to
    • Review and assess your current sales/distribution activities
    • Advice on improvement in terms of your sales pitch, presentation and collaterals
    • We help you to define a sales process and sales pipeline
    • We provide assistance in how you can select and focus on the right markets, target clients and potential sales
    • We answer your questions in re. to sales and distribution activities
    • In this program, we mentor you via phone, email, Skype chat. It includes access to us for up to 60 Minutes (cumulative) of phone consultation (during our business hour ) per week and unlimited email support.
    • We will also give you access to an online collaboration tool to share our discussions and findings.
  • The fee for this program is EUR 1.499,- / month and requires a minimum of 3-month commitment. The fee is due at beginning of the month. Lower fees can be arranged for 6-,9- or 12-month engagements and upfront payments.

[/pricing_tables][pricing_tables style=”style3″ title=”Option 2: Sales & Distribution GUIDE ” currency=”€” price=”3.499,-” button_link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalmediaconsult.com%2Forder-page%2F|||”]

  • This is a more structured approach.
  • It does include all the element of the Sales & Distribution Mentor Programme (see above).
  • In addition, we help you define a solid sales & distribution strategy for a certain market and
  • define with you the related action plan.
  • We get deeper involved in researching, identifying proper sales targets.
  • Moreover, we approach such leads together with you (we actively provide up to 1-2 relevant lead per week).
  • We actively advise you on opportunities, negotiations and sales process;
  • and monitor the progress on the action plan.
  • In this program, we engage with you via phone and email.
  • In addition, we meet with you in person once every quarter and we will also join you in 2-3 days/month to meet with clients  (meetings are limited to locations in Europe). The frequency of our calls and meetings will be agreed upon at the start of the program.
  • You have access to our online collaboration tool to document our progress, share date and action plans.
  • The fee for this program is EUR 3.499,- / month with a minimum of a 3-month commitment. The fee includes our own T&L (as outlined above); additional meetings required by clients will need to be reimbursed separately. For longer engagement periods and locations outside of Europe, do please inquire for a fee.
  • In addition to the base fee, we charge a 15% commission on any sales that is generated through our involvement (commission will be credited with to 50% of basic fee).

[/pricing_tables][pricing_tables style=”style3″ title=”Option 3: Sales & Distribution CONNECTOR” currency=”€” price=”7.499,-” button_link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalmediaconsult.com%2Forder-page%2F|||”]

  • In this program level we include the features of Option 1 & 2 but go even further:
  • We actively manage your sales and distribution activities in a given market*.
  • We take the lead in defining the approach and execute it accordingly. Consider us as your own sales and distribution team in this program.
  • At the same time, we transfer our knowledge and expertise to you and your team
  • We are building valuable client relationship for your brand.
  • In this program, we are fully available to you via phone and email (during our business hours). We will meet with you monthly (if required, within Europe);
  • We actively identify and approach potential clients and have up to 4 personal meetings per months with such leads (at our cost; extra meetings will be charged as required).
  • We make our online collaboration tool available to you and share all client data and insight with you.
  • This program has a fee of EUR 7.499,- per market* and month. A minimum engagement of 6 months is required. It includes our own T&L as outlined above. Please inquire for larger or smaller markets and longer / shorter periods. (*we define the market together with you: can be as large as a region like Western Europe or a single country)
  • We additionally charge 15% commission on all sales generated through our involvement (of which 50% of the above fee will be credited against)