Focusing Your Business

We have profound expertise and know-how in the TV & Media industry. With our experience we consult clients  in business & product development, strategy, go-to-market approach. Our consulting focus is on TV Platforms & TV Channels in national and international markets but relevant for anyone needing to understand the TV industry.

Sustainable Value

We create value for our clients: sustainable growth that generates revenue and profits. Helping our clients to expand their markets, gaining a competitive advantage and building on knowledge and expertise, to excel faster along the learning curve. We believe in values: it is the human aspect of our work and relationship.

Delivering Results

We go beyond consulting and help clients hands-on. We offer operational solutions to our clients. We provide services and solutions to clients  to launch and operate their TV or Media business successfully. We provide TV Content aggregation & distribution services. We also offer help with recruiting, coaching and mentoring.

Quick Consultation

Sometimes issues arise suddenly and quick help is required. We are flexible and we know that our industry evolves at light speed.

We are available on call and help you to resolve your issue.

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Acceleration Programs

We have designed specific, industry-related Sales & Distribution Acceleration Programs for our clients. These programs are available on a retainer basis and enable our clients to hit the ground running in a new market, business or product launch.

Create Value

Our Consulting Approach


We help clients to understand their environment better so that they can make informed decisions on developing new markets, products or businesses successfully.


We understand building a strategy as an iterative process. We assist in defining solutions, strategies and action plans through this process with methodology and know-how.


Our approach is focused on growth. We love seeing our clients, their business and people, to grow and will always have this goal as a priority.

Creating your Future

With our consulting service we bring you focus: to accomplish your dreams and grow your business.

There is nothing like a Dream to create the Future.

– Victor Hugo

How can We help You?

We`re specialized in strategy, coaching, business development, content curation & distribution for TV businesses.

Strategy & Business Development

We assist you in making sense of the TV & Media business. You want to launch a new platform, channel or product? You need to look at the impact of disruption, innovation, globalization on your business?

Aggregation & Curation

You have a platform but need content? Would you like support in defining the content product and need help with aggregating the proper TV content for your subscribers?

Global Markets

Television and Media has become a global business. How do you deal with globalization? Have you been already active in foreign markets and manage the risks & challenges that come with it? Can we help you to expand into markets abroad?


The multitude of content disruption options makes it more challenging to get your TV channel or Content out in the market. Do you need help with that?


Global Media Consult is a freelance business consultancy in the name of Christian Knaebel in accordance with German Law (§ 18 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 EStG).


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